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   We are now taking sponsorships for the 2014 tailgating season.   For more information, contact one of our founders or e-mail us at

         Are you looking for something more in a college football game?  What about live Entertainment, award winning food, hilarious crowd contests, and the most school spirited bunch of Bulls Fans around?  Then join the South Florida Bulls Tailgating Assoc. - the most powerful and exciting tailgate at USF.

The idea of obtaining sponsorships for Bulls Tailgating Association developed when we discovered a trend at other universities including Texas, Florida, USC, Tennessee and Penn State.  Private tailgaters are partnering with corporate sponsors to help finance super-tailgates open to all fans.  In return for becoming a sponsor, private tailgates advertise for the sponsors, as well as take care of all the tailgate setup, cooking, cleanup, and teardown.  This enables the sponsors to enjoy the benefits of a large and exciting tailgate without they typical risks and hassles associated with tailgating.  Bulls Tailgating is an organization dedicated to improving the game day atmosphere at South Florida.   All proceeds go toward renewing and improving the tailgate.Interested in advertising your business in front of thousands of Bulls fans this fall?  Would you like your logo to be seen online buy hundreds of fans a week?  Are you hungry for some award winning BBQ?  Then what are you waiting for?  Become a sponsor of The South Florida Bulls Tailgating Assoc. today.

Below are just some of the many different sponsorship opportunities we offer.  If you are interested in any of these or have another idea, contact us today!
Beverage Sponsorship - Your name/logo will be displayed on all cups as well as all beverage dispensing equipment.

Food Sponsorship - Your name/logo will be displayed on all serving tables as well as cooking equipment.

Concert Sponsorship - Your name/logo will be displayed on stage with the band.

Road Trip Sponsorship - Your name/logo will be displayed on all equipment as we travel and tailgate away from Ray-J.  Your logos will also be displayed at each home game.